Second Annual Film & Media Start-Up Crowdfunding Show at DSU Centum Campus

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관리자 2018-12-05 17:07

The second annual Film & Media Start-Up Crowdfunding Show was held on November 15 at Dongseo University’s Centum Campus Convention Hall. The crowdfunding show was co-hosted by DSU’s Entrepreneurship Support Team and the Im Kwon Taek College of Film and Media Arts; it was sponsored by the Busan International Film Festival and operated by Collz Dynamics.
At the main event, Lee Ji-su from Korea’s leading crowdfunding platform Wadiz and Chairman of the Detune Entertainment conducted a special lecture on the concept of using the content crowdfunding strategy for Busan’s video creator start-ups. Also, as filmmakers who have succeeded in covering their production expenses through crowdfunding, Directors Yang Ik-joon (“Breathless”) and Baek Jae-ho (“The Goose Goes South”) attended as judges and provided various insights on content crowdfunding.
A total of 10 teams participated in the IR-style mock-crowdfunding demonstration day to discuss the purpose of crowdfunding and announce their future plans. Visitors were able to freely distribute virtual money on a simulated crowdfunding platform by listening to the participating teams’ IR announcements. As a result, “Moment” Director Kim Seung-min won the Grand Prize with the greatest investment funding on the day.

“Crowdfunding is a very important and innovative funding method for students and young filmmakers,” said Lee Yong-kwan, Dean of the Im Kwon Taek College of Film and Media Arts. “It makes it easier for students and young filmmakers to raise investment funds and it helps eliminate barriers to entry.”
“We will continue to hold crowdfunding shows for the film and video industries, which are major industries in Busan,” said Professor Kenneth Hahn, Director of the Dongseo University Entrepreneurship Support Team. “Going forward, we will continue to work on developing the local content industry, creating content, raising funds, and marketing.”