2018 Asian University Presidents Forum in Indonesia

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관리자 2018-12-10 11:11

Park Dong Soon, Chancellor of the Dongseo Educational Foundation, together with Jekuk Chang, President of Dongseo University, Jung Sun Kim, Vice president of Dongseo University, Chung Chan, Dean for international cooperation, and Jeonghee Kim, Director of the International Exchange Center, have returned to Korea after a productive trip to Indonesia.

Asian University Presidents Forum Standing Committee Meeting

First, at the AUPF Standing Committee Meeting held on November 6, members in attendance including DSU President Jekuk Chang confirmed the agenda of the 2019 Asia Summer Program to be hosted by Petra Christian University in Indonesia, as well as the agenda of the 2019 AUPF to be hosted by Daffodil International University in Bangladesh. The committee also announced that the first Asia Faculty Workshop will be held in 2019 at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in China. In addition, it was agreed that Asian Higher Education Chronicles, the official publication of the AUPF, will be published twice a year under the supervision of Petra Christian University.
In the evening, Chancellor Park Dong Soon of the Dongseo Educational Foundation represented the foreign participants in the AUPF at a dinner hosted by the mayor of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Asian University Presidents Forum
The next day, on November 7, the 17th Asian University Presidents Forum (AUPF) was held at Petra Christian University. Representatives of 62 universities from 14 Asian countries attended the forum and discussed issues related to cooperation and development of Asian universities. At the main event, DSU President Jekuk Chang participated in a Talk Show Panel and delivered a presentation on “Changing the Context of Education through the Concept of an Assembly University.”
"We have to overcome the challenges facing universities worldwide, and the concept of an Assembly University provides a framework for adapting higher education based on insights from sharing economies,” said President Chang. “To this end, universities in Asia could cooperate to establish an Asia Assembly University (AAU) system."
The AUPF participants actively supported President Chang’s proposal and many comments and constructive questions were raised during the parallel session that followed his presentation.

Agreements with Eight Asian Universities

On November 8, Dongseo University signed academic exchange agreements with eight universities participating in the Asian University Presidents Forum, including the University of Mindanao in the Philippines and Sanata Dharma University in Indonesia.
"We aim to develop more substantial collaboration between Asian universities,” said DSU President Jekuk Chang. “It is time to create a new paradigm for higher education by increasing academic exchanges and cooperation."