Global English Program Opening Ceremony

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관리자 2019-03-14 11:47

The Dongseo University Global English Program opening ceremony was held on March 4.  A total of 164 freshmen applied to join the program this year, and after initial screening and interviews 43 students were selected.

The Global English Program students will be divided into small class sizes of about 15 students. They will be taught by native English professors during their first two semesters before going to study in the United States for one month.
The students will have 16 hours a week of intensive English learning, including courses on listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, presentation skills and academic English. In addition to studying English, students will also be allowed to take up to six credits per semester of core courses in their respective majors. During their first summer vacation, students will also be given the chance to study abroad for one month at Hope International University, which the location of DSU’s branch campus in the USA.

Freshmen speeches

Choi Woo-jin, Department of Media Communication
I came to DSU wanting to study in the department of media communication, and I got the opportunity to have an English interview for the Global English Program. I was fortunate to be selected among the many applicants. It might be hard to come to school at 9:00 am every morning, but I want to do well in English during my first year of university.

Nam Kang-min, English Department
Hello. I am Nam Kang-min from the English department. I want to speak English well, so I applied to this program. After my first orientation, as professors explained the direction of the class and some rules, I became convinced that I made the right choice. My favorite rule was that I couldn't speak Korean in class, only English. This rule made me very happy because I think that to improve my English skills, I should study in English; if I study English in Korean, it will be hard to get the best results. In this regard, I think that this program, which teaches English in English, can produce the best results. Also, I was surprised by the other students’ English skills, which were quite good. I thought this was also a positive factor, and I think we will learn better in this program together than we could by studying alone, as we can help each other improve our English skills more quickly. I think that this program will provide excellent motivation to help me reach a higher level, and I think this year will be the best year for me. Thank you.

Kim Hyeon-jin, Department of Design
On March 4, 2019, the 16th Dongseo Global English Program opening ceremony is being held. This place was filled with tension on the interview day but now it’s filled with the excitement of a new start. I have listened to the advice of professors and seniors and pledged to become a better person by taking the opportunity to learn in the future. I am very excited about the time I will have to communicate with other students and friends in English.

Choi Seung-ho, Department of Civil Engineering
I am very grateful to Dongseo University for giving me this great opportunity, and I am very honored to be part of the Global English Program. This program gives students the ability to set foot on a global stage with their advanced English skills. I pledge to work hard with my fellow students, and I hope all of us will achieve our goals through this program.