Spring 2019 International College Welcoming Ceremony

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2019-03-19 17:52

Dongseo University’s International College held a welcoming ceremony for international students at Sohyang Art Hall on March 13. A total of 505 international students from 40 countries around the world were in attendance as DSU musical theater students gave rousing performances and both incoming and senior students offered advice.

“I hope you study hard at Dongseo University,” said Dongseo University Vice President Jung Sun Kim. “You should build a global network to achieve the best results. I also hope that you will actively participate in research activities with professors and enjoy the culture of Busan.”
The 505 incoming international students represent countries including the United States, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, Spain, Lithuania, Vietnam, Guatemala, Chile, and Ghana. Many of them have come a long way to study in fields such as design, film, IT and game design. Asian students come from 16 countries including China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal; North, Central and South American students come from 11 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Peru Ecuador and Chile; European students come from six countries including Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain and Poland; and African students come from seven countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya, and Tanzania.
A total of 318 undergraduate students are currently enrolled in double degrees. The international double degree programs enable international students to study at a university in their home country for two or three years; then come to Korea to study at Dongseo University for one or two years; and finally graduate with degrees from both universities.
Other international students at Dongseo University include 70 undergraduate exchange students, 52 language learning students, 21 master's students, 21 doctoral students, 21 undergraduate students, and 1 master’s exchange student. Currently, there are about 1,100 foreign students from 64 countries studying at Dongseo University.

Excerpts from students’ speeches
Xing Xinxin from China (Graduate student in Visual Contents)
Welcome to Dongseo University. Our big family will help you study hard and enjoy your time in Korea. When you leave Korea after that, you will miss the professors who taught you as well as the beautiful scenery and the delicious food.

Melisa Eco from the Philippines (Korean Language Program)
I have been studying Korean at the Institute of Foreign Language Education for seven months. It has been an interesting time not only to learn the Korean language but also to meet Korean people.
What I want to say to freshmen is that the most important thing while studying abroad is not just to study hard but also to enjoy life in Korea. I sincerely hope that you will always remember the good times you have during your experience studying abroad.

Youseop Cony from Tanzania (Freshman in Ubiquitous IT)
Hello. I am Youseop Cony from Tanzania. I came to Dongseo University to study computer science and information security, which I was studying in Tanzania. It is very meaningful for me to come here and it is a pleasure to meet all of you.