Dongseo University and Italy’s Domus Academy Conclude Cooperation Agreement

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2022-05-30 13:35

Dongseo University and Italy’s Domus Academy Conclude Cooperation Agreement

Dongseo University announced on May 25th that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Milan’s Domus Academy, the premier design university in Italy.

Dongseo University’s College of Design has maintained a cooperative partnership with Domus Academy for the past ten years as part of the Global Design Society (GDS) program, including joint research, guest lectures, and student exchanges. Also, DSU students have benefited from the cooperation by getting employment opportunities at prestigious overseas design firms.

Based on the excellent joint research and exchange partnership of the past decade, the two universities have agreed to take the partnership to the next level and signed an agreement for linking graduate courses, developing student exchange programs, and admitting outstanding Dongseo University graduates to the Domus Academy.

Through this agreement, the two universities plan to further strengthen academic cooperation through joint research and professor exchange programs. They have also committed to providing benefits such as special scholarships for graduates of Dongseo University who wish to enter graduate school.

Domus Academy is one of the world’s foremost design universities, and it follows a rigorous process in selecting overseas partner universities. Dongseo University and Hongik University are the only partner universities in Korea.

Dr. Jekuk Chang, president of Dongseo University, said, “As a result of ten years of successful exchanges and cooperation with Domus Academy, we can once again confirm the global competitiveness of our design college. We hope that our students will expand their reach into Europe as they become design professionals”.