Department of Information Security, Software Convergence College

Department Introduction

In response to the rising social demand for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) advancements, coupled with an increasing need for information security technology to mitigate the adverse effects of ICT development, we have introduced a comprehensive training program in information and communication, with a dedicated focus on information security.

Educational Goals

Positioning ourselves as a formidable ICT powerhouse, our objective is to cultivate world-class information security creative talents by 2022. This involves:

  • - Producing 40 highly skilled information security professionals annually.
  • - Providing robust support for obtaining internationally recognized certifications, including CISSP, CISA, CCIE, and ACE.
  • - Attaining the highest level of expertise in information and communication-information security specialization within Korea.
Department of Information Security

Training skilled white hacker professionals 

Necessity of Information
  • Strategy 1: Unconventional Reform of the Practical-Centered Curriculum

  • Strategy 2: Expansion of Domestic Information Security's Smart IoT Industry Linkages

  • Strategy 3: Operation of International Certification Courses - CISA, CISSP, CCIE

  • Strategy 4: Cyber Police Training through Collaboration with the Busan Police Agency

  • Strategy 5: Establishing Industry-Academia Cooperation Frameworks with Information Security Companies

Trainig content
  • Training of Hacking Defense Experts (CISO) through Information Security and Networking Practical Training

  • Practical Training in Forensics for Skilled White Hackers (In Conjunction with the Busan Police Agency)

  • Customized Curriculum Reflecting Social Demands (Information Security/Physical Security/Convergence Security)

  • Training: 5,000 Elite Information Security Experts (Government Announcement)

  • Development of 10 World-Class Information Security Products (Government Announcement)

Training Content

Development of Curriculum Reflecting Industry Demands

We aim to design and implement a curriculum that aligns with the specific knowledge and skills required by industries. This includes meeting corporate demands for expertise needed in real-world industrial settings.

Training Information Security/Forensics Professionals

We specialize in training professionals in information security and forensics by creating a curriculum that integrates and converges various fields of study.

Increasing Employment Rate

We actively contribute to boosting the employment rate by producing talent adaptable to industry needs through collaborative education initiatives between academia and industry.

Creating Results through Practical Industry-Academia Cooperation

We strengthen industry-academia linkages by generating tangible results through practical cooperation, such as commercialization, technology transfer, and the filing of patent applications and registrations.

Establishing a Continuous Industry-Academia Cooperation System

We are committed to sustaining the industry-academia cooperation system by continually identifying and engaging in new projects that foster collaboration between academia and industry.