Dongseo has become a hub university in Asia with a global network of over 230 international sister schools and industry affiliates.

This vast global network enables Dongseo students to study and work in locations all around the world. Also, Dongseo University sends 100 students annually to each of its branch campuses in the U.S. and in China to improve their linguistic competencies while expanding their global perspectives.

Offering innovative education is a key focus of Dongseo University.

Various programs already in place at DSU have served as benchmarks for other leading universities. These include convergence education curriculums encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation, class selling programs in which the university and its industry partners work together to meet one another’s expectations, and virtual learning educational strategies such as O2O and VOICE which enhance on-site learning capabilities.

Students give back to local and international communities through outreach programs.

In keeping with its founding principles based in the Christian spirit, DSU encourages students to use the knowledge and professional skills they acquire at Dongseo University to benefit their communities through volunteer services. Opportunities are available through various student activity clubs as well as through university-organized groups such as the International Tech. Corps, the Nakdong River Protection Corps, the Volunteer Corps for Sorok Island and the Local Community Volunteer Corps.