Dept. of Nursing Science

Department of Nursing Science

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"In the spring of 2009, the 'Nursing' Center, a place where science and art come together to practice love, embarked on a new journey. Dongseo University's Department of Nursing leverages the university's founding philosophy of nurturing creative talents with Christian character and contributing to the development of human society.


We offer a wide range of character education and major curricula to equip students with critical, analytical, and integrated thinking skills, along with strong international communication abilities, all rooted in Christian values.

To foster evidence-based professional knowledge, practical skills, and problem-solving capabilities across diverse fields, we provide exceptional faculty, a variety of teaching and learning systems, a state-of-the-art simulation lab equipped with cutting-edge practice tools, specialized clinical environments, and an industry-academia cooperative learning system.

A source of pride for Dongseo University, dedicated to nurturing global talent, is our partnership with overseas sister universities in the United States and Australia. Our Dongseo Language Center boasts cutting-edge language facilities and native-speaking professors, including instructors with clinical experience in American medical institutions. Together, they pave the way for students to aspire to become international professional nurses beyond the borders of Korea.

Join us to unlock your potential!

Upon successful completion of our curriculum, you will not only attain a domestic nurse license but also a U.S. nurse license. This will enable you to pursue a career as a clinical nurse in both domestic and international medical institutions, work as an expert in community health promotion and national health policy, and even engage in health-related research and education."