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We encourage you to pursue your dream of becoming a healthcare professional at the Department of Health Administration at Dongseo University.


The Department of Health Administration, established in 2008, actively adapts to the evolving medical landscape characterized by specialization, information, and openness. Our mission is to cultivate internationally competitive health administrators capable of effectively addressing the dynamic needs of the healthcare sector. By doing so, we aspire to contribute to the development of healthcare in both the community and the nation. We invite you to pursue your dream of becoming a healthcare professional at the Department of Health Administration at Dongseo University.

We eagerly await individuals with potential and dreams.

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What is Health Administration?

The Department of Health Administration at Dongseo University is dedicated to cultivating competent health administration professionals who will contribute to the realization of a welfare state and the development of national healthcare, ultimately improving the health of the people. To achieve this, we emphasize strengthening English and foreign language education, alongside comprehensive health administration theory and practical education. Our goal is to foster internationally competitive global health administrators capable of actively responding to the increasingly specialized, informatized, and open medical environment while effectively addressing the evolving needs of the healthcare sector. We operate a prescribed curriculum, covering basic theories of health management, public administration, organizational management, human resources, finance, medical records, health insurance-related courses, and medical field training.

Our curriculum also includes training in health care information management for analyzing big data, administrative affairs, and health information theory and practice. Through these efforts, we aim to nurture creative and proactive health care professionals who can excel in various fields, such as public health officials. Our recent graduates are successfully contributing to diverse sectors, including health care information management at university hospitals, public health civil service, life insurance, and national research institutes.

We invite you to explore the dynamic and rewarding field of health administration at Dongseo University

Education Goals

A healthcare expert with a global vision who respects human rights and the right to health based on the Christian spirit and founding principles (truth, creation, service).

Cultivating creative global health management talents who realize human rights and the right to health in various healthcare fields, possessing the right values through character education, and nurturing health management experts who engage in local activities.

Developing health management experts with technical and management skills to manage creative health data management in healthcare fields that require creative talent.