[Announcement] Computer Lab Opening

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GSI 2018-09-06 13:30

Dear students,

We are opening a Computer Lab in U-IT building (Only for computer engineering students). Students can use this lab in order to do any study related activities. (Only for computer engineering students)

Detailed information about the Computer Lab Opening:

(1) Venue: Computer Lab at U-IT 8th Floor

(2) Opening hours: 09:30 – 20:30

(3) Purpose of Use

- The lab should only be used for study related activities

- Please keep the place clean and make sure to clean up after use

- Please use the equipment carefully and make sure to not break anything.

- Any loss of equipment will cause problems of computer use (No more equipment is available in the stock)

- Please do not bring any friends who are not from computer engineering major

- Please do not access the roof top through the passage in the Lab / Do not smoke at the roof top

※ Opening time extension during the examination will be notified later