International College (IC) is located in the spacious grounds of Dongseo University, a leading university in Korea that spans 82 acres on a scenic mountainside in central Busan. The Institute is housed in a new, state-of-the-art building, complete with world-class facilities and industry experts who make up a world-renowned facility.

IC offers international students the chance to earn an undergraduate degree through courses taught entirely in English. Current fields include Biomedical Laboratory Science, Global Business Administration, Computer Engineering, Digital Contents, Film & Video, and International Studies.

The dedicated faculty helps all international students in various ways, such as adjusting comfortably to life on campus, excelling in their studies, and setting definite goals and plans for the future. IC also serves as the central coordinator for and promoter of diverse extracurricular activities designed to enrich international students’ socialization with domestic students at Dongseo University.

In addition to its degree programs, IC offers a ‘credit program’ that enables students to earn transferable academic credits by taking courses in various majors, Korean or English language, and a wide range of liberal education courses. The liberal education courses are taught by highly qualified faculty members who are experts in their fields. The courses offered cover a wide range of disciplines including; history, art, film, business, accounting, music, computer programming, philosophy, and psychology. Courses are taught in English and international students study and work with domestic students, which leads to a development of cross-cultural understanding.

IC prides itself on fulfilling the needs of our students. Our mission is always focused on the needs of our students before, during, and after Dongseo University. The courses are student-centered and focused on developing the skills students need to be a success in the 21st century. Students develop their cooperation, collaboration, creative and critical thinking skills during their time at the International College.