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English Conversation Club

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GSI 2017-07-03 14:21

English Conversation Club

English Conversation Club Report

Originally, I planned to have discussion based, interesting club gatherings each week. After a while, I realized that it would be better if club gatherings help students to improve their English proficiency. Some of the Chinese girls were preparing for IELTS and they also thought that speaking level of candidates could be improved by our conversation club if we do something more like real exam condition. So that, we decided to have 30 minutes of IELTS first part speaking conversations. After that we had short 20 minutes of vocabulary part during which we talked about topic-specific vocabulary of Part II IELTS speaking.
In the last gathering, it was Ramadan and pre-midterm week.
As far as our Club consists of multi-religious students we had an hour of conversation about Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism and Christian.
Here is the photo of our last gathering!

Sample topics that we have discussed in our club gatherings:
Part Ⅰ
1. Do you like chocolate?
2. Do you read books?
3. Do you buy or borrow books?
4. In what cases parents are proud of their children?
5. Do you think even little babies can make their parents proud?
Part Ⅱ
1. Which of them is the most important thing for you to feel happy, time, money, luck?!
2. Imagine that you are swimming with your 3 years old daughter and 4years old nephew on the beach. All of a sudden, tsunami is coming close and you can save only one of the children! Who is your choice and why?!
3. Imagine yourself in after 30 years. What do you have? Are you happy???
4. Describe a moment when you were proud of your family member

Lastly, we made a mannequin challenge video as we wanted to have bright memories from the Club.
Next semester, we are planning to have more!