Dongseo’s Global Studies Institute offers international students the chance to earn an undergraduate degree through courses taught entirely in English. Current fields include Biomedical Laboratory Science, Business Administration, Computer Engineering, Digital Contents, Film & Video, and International Studies.

Students maybe admitted directly into English-language based degree pro-grams at Dongseo University or they may choose to enter through one of the many 2+2 dual degree programs run jointly with partner institutions abroad. Some of DSU’s partners include Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania, Petra Christian University inIndonesia, National Economics University in Vietnam and AIPTAKI member institutions along with KDU Penang University College in Indonesia. The GSI is continuously expanding its range of academic fields and partner institutions to offer exceptional opportunities to international students.

In addition to its degree programs, the Global Studies Institute offers a ‘credit program’ that enables students to earn transferable academic credits by taking courses in various majors, liberal arts, and Korean or English language. Students have the option of combining courses totaling between 12 and 18 credits per semester. Official transcripts showing grades and earned credits are issued to the students by Dongseo University upon completion of the credit program, and these academic credits may then be applied toward graduation requirements of other universities depending on their policies for credit transferability.

The Global Studies Institute believes that learning is incomplete if unaccompanied by a fulfilling social life. Thus, the GSI helps all international students adjust smoothly to campus life at DSU and provides many opportunities for extracurricular activities. For instance, events include field trips to historical sites, an annual sports festival, cooking classes, and culture sharing opportunities. Also, students are encouraged to participate in clubs based on interests such as Korean language exchange, English conversation, martial arts, music, sports, etc. Throughout the year, the Global Studies Institute organizes special guest lectures on a broad range of topics.

Whether students are interested in joining an undergraduate degree programs taught in English, taking Korean or English language classes, or completing a credit program, the Global Studies Institute can provide all of the necessary advice and support.