‘Crossover Class’ Information

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GSI 2017-08-24 10:32

 ‘Crossover Class’ Information


We offer a ‘Crossover Class’ for developing core competency

for preparing the upcoming 4th industrial revolution by various contents

that focus on the value of connection, sharing, and communication.



1. Eligibility: GSI students


2. Application Period: 09:00, Aug 28th through 24:00, Sep 1st


3. Class Detail:


- Schedule




Class time

Crossover Class

Human to Human[140012] (102)

Walker, Thomas

2 Liberal arts credits

15:00 – 18:00 (Fri)

[GSI 601]


- Course Description

Course:Human to Human

Professor:Walker, Thomas

Schedule:Fri. 15:00-17:50 pm

Evaluation: Students can work in groups or individually for their final project. The finalproject must include evidence of the field trips and field work whilst also taking into account the work produced in class.

Overview:In this class, students will learn and demonstrate the connection and sharing of keywords in human history and improve their communication for enhancing their core competencies.

By the end of this course students will be able to:

● Work effectively in a team.

● Identify human to human connections and use them in their majorclasses.

● Communicate their ideas in a clear and precise manner.

● Critically think about global and local problems.

● Identify areas of their own performance that needs improvement.


4. Contact:

- phone number: 051) 320-4802 (Global Studies Institute) / e-mail:youjinim@gdsu.dongseo.ac.kr