[Urgent] Late Application for Dormitory (Spring semester, 2018)

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관리자 2018-01-15 11:05

[Late application for Dormitory (Spring semester, 2018)]
This announcement is for the students who did not make an online application for the Dormitory application for the upcoming semester.

For the very last chance, GSI try to give the last chance for the students who couldn’t apply. Download and complete the manual application form, then send back to gsi@dongseo.ac.kr by Midnight (Korean time), January 21, 2018. Please note that there might be disadvantage for the late application. Due to the competitiveness to get into dormitory, it might be difficult to enter into the dormitory if you miss this last chance.

Deadline: Midnight (Korean time) / January 18, 2017 (Wednesday)
Email address: gsi@dongseo.ac.kr

Please don't be late!