where academic excellence meets practical purpose

First in Busan

Established in 2008, Dongseo University’s Department of International Studies [DIS] is the first all‐English department in the Busan area. The DIS offers four years of English‐only instruction in a range of subject areas relevant to our global age: globalization, economic development and human security. The interdisciplinary nature of the DIS exposes students to the world’s most interesting and demanding challenges of the 21st century. Established in 2008, Dongseo University's Department of International Studies [DIS] is the first all-English department in the Busan area.

Preparing for the Challenges of the 21st Century

The DIS focuses on the skills most necessary for understanding and overcoming the challenges of the 21st century. Logical problem solving, natural language understanding, social and emotional reasoning, creativity and recognition of new patterns and categories for analysis will be the skills necessary to thrive in ambiguous and challenging environments. The compression of space and time that comes with increased globalization creates the complex challenges and opportunities that will face graduates after university. The DIS is here to help students overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities. New technologies and processes will render a significant number of occupations redundant— computerization will upend the employment market as we know it. Finance, trade and logistics, production and distribution, accommodation and food services, journalism and media, healthcare, legal services, and many more sectors of the economy can expect significant impact from technological innovation. With skills learned in the DIS, students will have a head start on the competition for stable employment and long‐term success.

Western‐style Classes

Students who want to study a Western‐style curriculum and have an interest in international issues will find a fun and challenging department—a department where the priority is placed on academic excellence. Because our classes are small, and our professors Western, we can offer students plenty of individual attention. We are dedicated to making sure that each student fulfills his or her academic potential. The DIS provides a content‐ based curriculum specifically designed to foster critically thinking skills and active class participation among students. Because all instruction is in English, the DIS welcomes applicants who can already demonstrate some degree of proficiency in the language. The department is alcohol‐free, which is to say that it does not organize or encourage any activities involving alcohol.

Global Employment Potential

DIS graduates work locally, nationally and internationally. Graduates have found employment in the industrial and service sectors in the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan and Indonesia. Our graduates have the ability to quickly find good jobs, because they acquire the necessary skills to be highly competitive. We also consider a DIS education an ideal foundation for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in the United States or other foreign countries. DIS professors can offer students plenty of individual guidance in their effort to gain admission into foreign graduate schools.


go where you want to go … be what you want to be

The Department of International Studies is a special place.It provides a unique opportunity to study international politics, international economics, sustainability and culture in a challenging and nurturing environment. Being a future‐oriented department, the DIS offers a wide range of courses that provide both theoretical understanding and practical know‐how. All classes of the DIS are taught in English, by Western professors, in a style similar to American universities. Class sizes in the department are small allowing for a great deal of individual attention and guidance to students. Students who take full advantage of our unique program can truly go where they want to go and be what they want to be.

The DIS is not an English learning department – we are an English using department. Students who join us here are expected to have high‐intermediate or advanced skills using English. Our professors are all Western educators who believe that critical thinking and English language skills are the most important tools for a student’s success beyond university.

The DIS aims to create a new generation of 21st century leaders, and we strive to make sure each student reaches his or her full academic potential. If you have skills in English and an interest in the world around you, why don’t you join us here in the Department of International Studies?

~ Sean O’Malley, Department Chair


broaden your mind, enhance the possibilities

In the modern, globalized world, interdisciplinary studies are essential.As the pace of globalization increases so does the need for individuals possessing the knowledge and skills required to advise on international policies and to do business at an international level. The Department of International Studies provides the foundation for success in a broad range of fields, which enhances the possibilities for success by our graduates.


theoretical foundations with practical significance

The DIS curriculum was designed with student needs in mind.Students who enter the program will find a carefully structured curriculum aimed at practical knowledge of research and data coupled with a theoretical understanding of economics and international politics. Students will learn how to integrate and synthesize these components to maximize complementarity. Our interdisciplinary curriculum will help broaden the possibilities during and after university.


building skills and knowledge one block at a time

The DIS curriculum builds student understanding one step at a time.The DIS curriculum was structured to craft student competencies in each successive year of coursework. The focus of year one is two‐fold: research skills and understanding the discipline of international studies. These research skills and the disciplinary focus are carried over to year two, where the focus is on the individual, core disciplines that comprise the DIS program (globalization, international relations, economics and sociology) Year two also turns attention to regional studies, with a focus on some of the states most influential to Asia and Korea—China, the United States, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the European Union. Year three begins a shift of focus toward development economics, human security, social movements and social identity—important areas of understanding for global citizens. The program culminates in year four with seminar style classes that explore the depths of challenges facing mankind in the 21st century.

  • First Year
    • Online Research, Design and Data
    • The Discipline of International Studies
  • Second Year
    • Individual disciplines(globalization internationalrelations, economics, sociology)
    • Regional Studies(Chine, US, ASEAN, EU)
  • Third Year
    • Development Economics
    • Human Security
    • Social Movements
    • Social Identity
  • Fourth YearSeminar Classes(In-depth look at Global Challenges)


a place where your hard work pays dividends

The DIS prides itself on helping students develop the communication and critical thinking skills so necessary in today’s competitive marketplace.Professors in the DIS realize that organizations need competent, communicative individuals who are problem‐solvers. The DIS therefore promotes independent thinking, strong analytical skills and clear communication through English, in all of its courses. Students will learn project development and public presentation skills, the fundamentals of good research and academic writing techniques. Coupled with the department’s voluntary “Resume and Interview Workshop” and the availability of professor‐directed, “Enhanced Independent Study”, students can forge their own individual success.

As part of the Global Studies Institute [GSI], the interdisciplinary nature of the DIS is taken one step further. The GSI offers the opportunity to take two majors through English speaking curriculums. The Business Administration’s English track is a natural complement to those who wish to become more business savvy. The computer and contents divisions of the GSI offer classes to boost the creativity and technical competency of students majoring in the DIS. It is simply one more level of interdisciplinary studies available to prepare students for success.