Prof. Hoonjae Lee

Develop the skills needed to become an IT professional!

We welcome you to the Division of Computer Engineering at Dongseo University. Our unique C.S.I. Program (Convergence Education, Smart Systems, Intelligence Networks) prepares students to work in various sectors of the global IT world.

The quality and competitiveness of our division is proven by the governmental recognition and support we receive. All courses are taught by expert professors working with high-tech facilities to prepare students for actual workplace demands in rapidly evolving fields.

Students learn basic software development languages (C, C++, Java), programing techniques (networks, databases, systems) and advanced applications (mobile technology, embedded programing, ubiquitous IT). This and other specific training helps them develop skills for acquiring major industry certifications.

The demand for computer engineers is constantly increasing, and we hope you will take advantage of the opportunities at DSU on your way to becoming a leading IT professional.