General Notice Evlina Pak: Dongseo Writing Contest Winner

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관리자 2020-07-10 17:35

Minseok Liberal Art College has held a writing contest. This year, the contest went online because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

There are 605 students who participated in the contest and we are happy to announce that one student from International College won the third prize (우수상) in the poetry format. The winner is Evelina Pak and this is not the first time for her to win this event. Congratulation for her excellent achievement!

Below, I would like to share her poetry with you.

Title: L-I-F-E


Division: International Studies

Name: Pak Evelina


The following piece of poetry is divided into four parts, and each part is an excerpt of human life at different age. Each part serves a purpose: deals with certain problems, expresses certain emotions, sweet and bitter. Overall, L-I-F-E symbolically reflects a life cycle of thoughts starting from youth finishing with the very end. 


  1. I. Lightness


Under the headlamps,

a good old route

Around this town tonight.

A cup of iced coffee

is the best remedy against cold.


They keep on forgetting

To look after honor from youth —

look with admiration at

their close buddies and girls,

Who one day will be gone

from their pretty lives worn

out as sleeves of old shirts.


But now they are here

In a tiny and cozy world, 

Ready to go all-in for a pair

of well-colored eyes.

  1. II. In Time


Growing up,

he takes easier a teenage rush — 

An oath of blood, a promise to be forever.

What he strongly believed in,

frothing at the mouth  

Turned into a broken shard of glass.

What he sees through it now—

all distorted.

Whom he ran around with — left

Places erased

without a trace.


But he still badly wants to have someone

Waiting for him to come home. 

Gets a cat, in the worst case, takes an aspirin —

Has a terrible headache from roads.


Same old playground is covered

with dust of time.

Under the gloomy sky

frolicking kids, 

same old swing is squeaking —

too small for him to be on.

Shameful to sit but he wants to

as never before.


While those littles have become big enough –

wear T-shorts with cool prints, stay up all night

Smoke in the entrance cheap cigs and kiss

Being scolded by elders most of the time.

  • III. Forget


We can stay for hours in a cinema hall

Watching awkward play from the darkness,

While in own lives are not heroes

A long time ago;

All the more – not the main ones.


We complain about fate, licking old wounds,

Attach to sharp dialogues and situations.

At a moment, the audience stops to laugh

When in random cuts recognizes itself.

Let the black screen and credits run out.


Every Friday,

bars are especially sweet and loud

All lonely hearts hurry there to crowd —

Get drunk and forgotten,

get warmed up in somebody’s arms,

Find a match for the next date –

One more name to the people.


We are looking for someone to love:

Big sympathy and a little of trust,

Patience —

Dear, there is no time for us.

Never mind. After all, it ends up


With emptiness under the skin, embarrassment,


On the net.

The user doesn´t respond.

What should I say? Just forget.


  1. IV. End


Lay me down. It’s been a long day.

Calm me down. I’ll drop tired lids

I will hear the Earth crying quietly.

Her tears are falling into the rivers.


We will be carried away there

Where the Big Water flows

All that happened to us dissolves

Let the only sound be



Silence and smooth stones.


All the burdens once torturing people

are healed. And the world

has reached balance

So long waited for!


Our mighty Atlas is at peace

Slowly lowers his heavy shoulders:

“How many years have passed?

I am pure white. I am released”


In his sight there is an entire globe:

Clouds, oceans, the sun, and storms

“How beautiful Earth!”

 and with now freed hand

He wipes off overwhelming drops.