2nd Official Notice from IC (updated on 20200330)

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관리자 2020-03-31 13:03

2nd Official Notice from IC (updated on 20200330)
- Extension of Online Classes -
① Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 in Korea, online classes are extended to April 24, 2020 for all the DSU students.
② Notifications regarding mid-term exams will be given by professors of your courses.
③ Any further extension will depend on not only the situation in Korea, but also the COVID-19 infections in the IC international students’ nations and also their national policy related with the COVID-19.
④ Please be ready to be at your classes from April 27 if you have your mid-terms offline, or May 4th if you have your mid-terms online.

- Korea’s Two-week Mandatory Coronavirus Quarantine-
① Korea will enforce a two-week mandatory coronavirus quarantine for all entrants from overseas starting April 1, Wednesday, amid a steady inflow of virus cases from abroad.
② All entrants to the country, regardless of their nationality, should stay in quarantine. Visitors without local addresses here should stay in governmentdesignated facilities at their own expense.
③ DSU students will be asked to self-isolate in a single dorm room at Global Village or their residences out the campus.
④ Any internationals disobeying the two-week quarantine measure will be deported according to Korean Immigration Laws.
⑤ Further notices will be provided regarding self-isolation regulations