Joint Degree Programs


The Division of Digital Contents operates '2+2' Joint Degree Programs with its international partners. It focuses on developing students' creative potential while instilling the technical skills and multilingual proficiencies needed for success.

Joint Degree with Mykolas Romeris University(Lithuania)

The Lithuanian Ministry of Education officially approved a 2+2 Joint Degree Program between Dongseo University (DSU) and Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) in the field of Informatics and Digital Contents. It was launched in September of 2014. Students admitted to the joint degree program take fundamental courses in their major along with Korean language courses at MRU for the first two years of the program. Then they complete the remaining two years of the program at DSU.

Joint Degree with Petra Christian University(Indonesia)

Petra Christian University (PCU) is a major private Christian university in Surabaya, Indonesia, established in 1961. PCU and DSU launched a 2+2 Joint Degree Program in november of 2014. Degrees from both universities will be awarded to students who complete two years of study at PCU and two years of study at DSU in the field of digital contents.



To earn a bachelor's degree in Digital Contents, students are required to complete a total of minimum 65 credits at Dongseo University.


Core Requirements(General Education) Major Requirements Electives Total
Foundation Studies Major Foundation Studies

Liberal Education

Major Non-Major
20 credits 18 credits 10 credits 54 credits 10 credits 18 credits 130 credits


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Semesters Courses Credits
1 더보기Contemporary Mathematics 6
더보기Databases 6
더보기Fundamentals of Programing 6
더보기Introduction to Digital Contents 6
더보기Psychology 6
2 더보기Computer Graphic 6
더보기Data Structures and Algorithms 6
더보기Foreign Laguage for Specific Purposes 6
더보기Game Design 6
더보기Game Mathmatics 6
3 더보기Basic Sculpturing 6
더보기Computer Network Architectures 6
더보기Foreign Language for Specific Purposes 6
더보기Object-Oriented Design and Programming 6
더보기Artificial Intelligence in Games 6
더보기Matte Painting 6
4 더보기Cinematography and Editing 6
더보기Philosophy 6
더보기3D Modeling 6
더보기Game Engine Architectures 6
더보기Game Scenario and Game Level Design 6
더보기3D Maya Fundamentals 6
더보기3Ds Maya Fundamentals 6
5 더보기2D and 3D Game Programming 3
더보기Character Design 3
더보기Digital Actor Animation 3
더보기Game Modeling and Texturing 3
더보기User Interface 3
더보기Career Plan 1
더보기Creative Story Design1 3
더보기Mobile Game Programming 3
더보기Digital Lighting and Texturing 3
6 더보기Digital Modeling and Sculpting 3
더보기Game Network Programming 3
더보기Game Project Design and Implimentation 3
더보기Creative Story Design2 3
더보기3D Maya Advanced 3
더보기3Ds Max Advanced 3
7 더보기Research Methods 3
더보기Gamification Methods and Technologies 3
더보기Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment 3
더보기Portfolio 3
더보기Convergence Project 3
8 더보기Internship 9
더보기Bachelor Thesis 6