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Liberal Arts Courses

IC Liberal Arts Courses (ILAC)

Students must earn 10 credits in order to graduate.


*** Korean students should have a score of 600 or higher on the DSU CBT test(or an equivalent score on related test) to be eligible for taking Liberal Arts courses in English.

Fields Course Titles Offering Semesters Professors
Spring Fall
Culture and Arts Appreciation of Contemporary Art 더보기 0   Jang, Jihee
Korean Art & Design더보기 0   Yoon, Jiyoung
Women in Cinema: Understanding Feminism더보기 0   Thomas Humpal
Literature and Culture더보기   0 Thomas Humpal
Media and Culture더보기   0 Thomas Humpal
Understanding Music더보기   0 Gordon Bazsali

Introduction to Arts


Jang, Jihee

Music on Screen

0 0

Gordon Bazsali

Modern Sports

0 0

Park Byung Ju

Global Global Issues 더보기   0 Nelson Parish
Humanities & Social Science Introduction to International Environmental Law더보기 0   Sean Kennedy
Post-colonialism : A Visual Guide to East Meets West 더보기 0   Thomas Humpal
Introduction to Wellness 더보기   0 John Jugenheimer
The Civil Rights Movement 더보기   0 Michael Walker
Science & Technology Computer Applications 더보기   0 Elena Tsomko
Basic Principles of Algorithms and Coding더보기 0   Elena Tsomko

Software and Coding


Youngsil, Lee