Training professional dental hygienists with a global perspective

Dongseo University Department of Dental Hygiene

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The Department of Dental Hygiene at Dongseo University was founded in 2010 with the mission of nurturing skilled and compassionate professionals in the field of dental hygiene, committed to providing service and care.

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Dental Hygiene Department Information

In today's modern society, various factors, such as advancements in medicine, improved economic standards, and changes in dietary habits, have significantly impacted the field of dental hygiene. Of particular note is the growing interest in community oral health initiatives and preventive dentistry within the dental community. In this modern era, there is an increasing demand for dental hygienists to assume high-level professional roles.


With this in mind, the Department of Dental Hygiene at Dongseo University is committed to providing professional education encompassing fundamental disciplines, including dental hygiene, biomedical science, dentistry, public oral health, and clinical dentistry. We accomplish this through a comprehensive curriculum that includes theoretical knowledge, practical experiments, and clinical experience.


Our goal is to nurture oral health professionals with an active, global perspective. They will be equipped to make valuable contributions to the local community and the national healthcare sector. We instill in our students a strong professional awareness and a spirit of volunteerism, enabling them to proactively respond to the evolving trends of society and the dental field.

Faculty Members

Name Degree Major
Kyung-Hee Lee Ph.D. in Neuroscience Neurosciences
Min-Ji Kim Doctor of Dentistry Preventive Dentistry
Da-Hye Kim Ph.D. in Applied Life Sciences Clinical/Functional/Educational Anatomy
So-Yeong Park Ph.D. in Applied Life Sciences Cellular Physiology