• asia summer program 2024 참가자 모집



Among the keywords to characterize the 21st century, "link" is very familiar to us due to the internet.
The 21st century is an age of network, and a network is composed of links and nods.

The job of the Office of International Cooperation can be defined to construct an education network by creating links between nods in the world working as a hub.

Operating a variety of programs to strengthen our international competitiveness, we will try to keep expanding our network.

If we can make the best use of excellent connectivity of Busan, the biggest port city of Korea, to the rest of the world and cooperate with regional industry, Dongseo will be able to build a differentiated network contributing to the regional development.

These efforts are all for Dongseo students including international students who will move freely on the constructed network as global citizens and explore their abilities and potentials on the world stage. The Office of International Cooperation will try the best to make all our programs practically beneficial for our students, and to make our campus friendlier to international students.