John Breedlove

The Dongseo Global English Program (DGEP)is a great program that will enrich your life. As your future unfolds through the discovery of the English language, your confidence to succeed in this global world willbe assured. In a time of unexpected change, we find that self motivation is key to success.

Confidence, competence, and success are the primary goals of DGEP. We are happy to join you on taking your next step in life.

Craig Simpson

It is a great privilege to welcome you to the Dongseo Global English Program and I’m sincerely looking forward to helping you succeed in your educational endeavors. Through the Dongseo Global English program you will not only improve your English communication proficiency, but will also develop your presentation, debate, and leadership skills. I firmly believe that this program will help you to achieve your future goals and become leaders in the global community.

Paula O'Neil

I hope the DGEP will be a good experience for you. You will undoubtedly become more confident in your English speaking.

You will acquire many new skills like writing essays and reading comprehension. These will be of great use to you in your future.

I think this program will also help you to be better students overall. You will make new friends as well.

Whatever you decide to do after DGEP I hope it's a success.