Embracing Sports Values Exclusive Athletic Talent Training

Dongseo University Department of Physical Education Welcome to our homepage.

The Department of Physical Education nurtures sports leaders who will guide Korea's sports culture and the global sports arena by cultivating the 4 Powers through Sports Value Education.

Enhancing Power Through Comprehensive Physical Education

Cultivating sports leaders with a healthy and sound character through systematic theoretical and practical training.

Enhancing Power to Cultivate Sports Leadership that Understands the Feelings of Others

Cultivating sports instructors capable of leading sports participation with a kind and polite attitude

Boosting Power to Embrace Fair Sportsmanship

Fostering sports leaders who cultivate the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play, practicing it in their daily lives.

Amplifying Power to Promote Warm Sports Welfare

Nurturing sports leaders who encourage, distribute, and serve sports activities to underprivileged individuals in their community.