Dept. of ChineseIntroduction


Major development strategy

Establish a world-class curriculum and secure facilities for global education.

Secure international-level professors who can provide theoretical and practical education that meets global standards.

In order to attract talented individuals with potential, we have developed various incentives such as scholarships, overseas training, certification acquisition, guaranteed employment, and participation in professorial research.

Expand professor and student exchanges and joint research with world-class universities in the Americas, Asia, and the EU.
Establishing an industry-academia cooperation network with multinational hotel companies.

Action Plan

1. Introduce the 'One foreign language certification test system per person' to strengthen practical foreign language conversation skills required in the multinational hotel business.

2. Establish action plans, such as the introduction of a global curriculum, to implement global standard education.

3. Expand global employment opportunities by increasing overseas internship opportunities.

4. Operate training programs to enhance practical training and invite field experts.

5. Encourage students to set targets and strive for excellence through examples of successful hoteliers and by discovering global service models.

Educational goals and vision

The Department of Chinese Language has designed a practical curriculum centered on three major competencies: Chinese communication and competency, humanities knowledge competency, and field practical competency. The aim is to cultivate creative talents with Chinese communication and cultural empathy abilities in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The curriculum is operated in conjunction with various extracurricular programs and assembly education programs.

In addition, the department conducts a variety of future-oriented classes, including flipped learning, level-tailored education, and project-based, online-based, and field-based classes.


A mecca for nurturing Chinese language experts who will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution Era.

ideal talent

Creative talent with Chinese communication and cultural empathy skills who will lead the era of the 4th Revolution

Educational Goals

Cultivating creative talent with Chinese communication and cultural empathy skills to lead the era of the 4th Revolution

3 core competencies

Chinese communication. Teaching competency

Cultural empathy. creative competency

volunteer. job competency