Department Introduction

"The Department of Video Animation specializes in various animations, including 2D & 3D animation, stop motion animation, and more.

The field of animation focuses on genre planning, production, video composition, editing, and visual effects (VFX).

Through a curriculum in the video field that mainly emphasizes producing digital video-based works, sound production, and more.

Our goal is to nurture excellent artists."

"To achieve this goal, we offer training in various aspects of visual storytelling, including storyboards, layouts, character creation, animation, and visual effects (VFX). Additionally, we provide instruction in video composition and editing processes.


In the 21st century, new devices and formats like smartphones and 4D stereoscopic images have emerged. With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the landscape of animation and video-related content has become more diverse, leading to an increased demand both in terms of quality and quantity. In line with these evolving trends, the Department of Visual Animation offers comprehensive education covering all production processes, from planning digital video and animation to post-production.""Starting with training in the pre-production stage, we focus on establishing a concept design based on scenario and storyboard production. Our training program extends to the main production process, including animation, layout, rigging, setup, lighting, filming, recording, and visual effects (VFX). We systematically present training in post-production processes such as video synthesis, video and sound editing, and more.


Furthermore, we aim to nurture talents capable of generating innovative ideas and creating high-quality animation and video content. Our educational approach incorporates the latest technology through creative training courses to produce various types of works related to animation and digital video. Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals with the skills and mindset to contribute positively to the industry.“

Careerpath after employment

character design, animation, and visual effects. If you would like me to review this list for any grammatical or formatting issues, it appears to be correctly written. However, if you have specific questions or need assistance with any of these roles or topics, please feel free to ask, and I'll be happy to help you with more detailed information or guidance.