Dept. of WebtoonIntroduction


Department Introduction

"The Department of Webtoon aims to nurture creative global cultural content talent to lead the K-Webtoon industry, which is one of the core industries of the 21st century."

This slight rephrasing maintains the same meaning but flows a bit more smoothly.

"The Department of Webtoon at Dongseo University, newly established to nurture creative talents in the rapidly emerging cultural content industry in line with the trend of the convergence era called the 4th Industrial Revolution, is equipped with storytelling and planning skills based on humanities and artistic knowledge. Based on this foundation, the curriculum is designed to expand career opportunities in the global cultural content field through a wide range of practical training courses in webtoon production, storytelling, character design, and concept illustration. These courses emphasize creativity, expressive abilities, and practical projects within the field.


Furthermore, students have the opportunity to engage in collaborative experiences through curriculum exchanges with other departments in the digital content field, such as the Department of Video Animation and the Department of Game Design.


We encourage you to pursue your dreams in the Department of Webtoon at Dongseo

University, where you can acquire and bring to life global webtoon content production skills rooted in artistic sensibility and original ideas."

Career path after employment

Webtoon writer, webtoon PD, story writer, character designer, character development company, fancy design company, fairy tale illustrator, concept designer, cartoon animation practical teacher