Dept. of JapaneseIntroduction


Welcome to the website of the Department of Japanese Language at Dongseo University.

We foster Japanese experts who serve the local community by nurturing useful human resources in the global era based on Japanese language proficiency and understanding of Japanese society. Based on Japanese language and literature, we cultivate Japanese culture and practical skills and provide motivation for major studies through various extracurricular programs. We operate K-MOVE School, a Japanese IT professional training program, and are striving for employment abroad in Japan.

Educational goals and vision

Acquire Japanese literature, culture, and general knowledge related to Japan in a more specialized and systematic manner, focusing on the Japanese language. Through diverse and innovative teaching methods, we encourage creative experiential learning and practice strong creative convergence education in the field to cultivate practical skills. Through a systematic and practical major course, we develop a more accurate and correct understanding of our neighboring country, Japan, and cultivate Japanese experts with both proficient Japanese language skills and global practical skills.

1. Japanese Communication

2. Humanities knowledge such as literature, culture, and history

3. Global practical skills

4. Operation of interdisciplinary majors with other departments

5. Operation of interdisciplinary majors with other departments


Japanese experts serving the country and community

ideal talent

Japanese expert with creativity and international perspective

educational goals

Cultivating Japanese experts with both major and global practical skills