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The Department of Visual Contents offers MAMFA and Ph.D. degrees in three disciplines of ANIMATIONFILM and VISUAL EFFECTS. All the coureses are instructed in English. Both Master’s and Ph.D. programs cultivate creative and convergent talents required by industry,universities, and research institutes.
Animation Track

Students in the Animation track study theoretical backgrounds and areas of expertise, emphasizing improving skills and knowledge for future careers. The course consists of knowledge and technical experience related to specialized industries such as storytelling, concept art, animation, character setup, modeling, and texture development. Professors promote the growth of students' significant competency by developing skills to maximize creativity and artistry and supporting students to pursue various activities in the field of animation.

Professors Information
Professors Major Areas Research Areas
Hongsik Pak Storytelling (Animation) 1. Storytelling and immersion
2. Interactive New Media Content
3. Digital Actors and Cultural Heritage Restoration
Balgum Song Character Setup 1. Rigging and Animation Correlation
2. Plug-in developments for Maya
3. Simulations on Hair, Fur, and Cloth
4. Motion capture
Sojin Kim 3D Modeling & Texture 1. Computer Graphic Images in 3D Videos
2. 3D Character & Environment Concept Design and Development
3. 3D Modeling & texture for 3D Animation, Game, VR, Film, Commercials, Digital Art
Gu Lin Animation Production 1. 3D Character Key Animmation and Directing
2. Motion Capture
3. 3D VR Animation Production
Jiang Hai Tao 3D Modeling & Texture 1. 3D Modeling & texture for photorealistic rendering
2. A Study on the Development of Digital Human Production Using Game Engine
3. Virtual Production Pipeline
Film Track

Students in the Film track study in-depth film theory alongside filmmaking's practical and technical skills. The program imparts the meaning and value of cinema as a tool to impress and delight audiences working in parallel with human spiritual values at the core of original and dynamic storytelling. Furthermore, it aims at fostering the creative growth and development of filmmakers who will be ready to face the realities of the film industry’s rapidly developing production and distribution technology. Pairing technical know-how and artistic ingenuity, students who complete their degree in the Film Track possess the practical skills necessary to advance in a career in film and television. 

Professors Information
Professors Major Areas Research Areas
Sunghoon Cho
1. Creating and Developing Storytelling of Narrative Structure
2. Analysis and research on the change and effect of meaning when delivering a story using various film languages
3. The effect of editing on storytelling
Thomas Humpal
Critical theory, media studies, film theory, narratology and storytelling, Korean cinema, horror cinema, melodrama, cinematic space/time, trauma studies.
Guhee Yoon Cinematography 1. Applied Media Aesthetics and Sociocultural Theory
2. The Effect of Sociocultural Phenomenon on Visual Storytelling
3. Real-Time In-Camera VFX for Visual Storytelling: Virtual Production with Unreal Engine
Gordon Bazsali Music, Sound Design 1. Music Composition
2. Arranging
3. Orchestration and Music Technology
Visual Effects Track

Students in the Visual Effects Track expand their knowledge-base and practical experience in the various fields of visual effects, such as compositing, VFX art, VFX concepts, VFX development, etc. Students explore cutting-edge technology and its role in how the VFX field integrates 3D generalized components with live-action film. The courses provide the theoretical and technical backdrop for the development of their research papers and focus on enhancing the skills and knowledge for their future careers.

Professors Information
Professors Major Areas Research Areas
Zhou Jia Ni VFX 1. The Reproduction Workflow of Visual Effects from Offline to Real-time
2. VFX(simulation) Asset(The Simulation Asset of VFX in Virtual Production)
3. Screen aesthetics and visual effects of video works based on style and time)
Jiyun Choi Visual Effects, Look Development Game engine (Unity, Unreal) XR, Oculus Quest, Metaverse, etc.