Dept. of Hotel Management

Cultivating international and innovative professionals

who can be recognized in the global hotel business industry

Major overview and goalserview and goals

The educational goal of the Department of Hotel Management is to 'cultivate manager-level talent with professional theory and practice in the hotel and food/beverage/restaurant fields and an international sensibility through an internationalized and differentiated educational program.' The detailed goals accordingly are as follows:

Cultivating competent hotel professionals with language skills and specialized knowledge.

Career development through practical training, including customized training for each company.

Globalization of learning through the integration of study programs from famous foreign universities and activation of an overseas internship system.

Practical education through on-campus practical training using labs and field training.

Vision of Department

The vision of the Department of Hotel Management is 'International, Innovative & Professional.' The goal is to establish a world-class university major by nurturing international and innovative professionals who can be recognized in the global hotel business industry.

In order to achieve our vision, we are specifically training to cultivate talent with a service-oriented mindset and skills.

Language education + practical operation training = customized professional manpower training.

international hotel professionals

One foreign language certification system per person.
Customized practical training.
Overseas/long-term internship course.

resort professional staff

Improve foreign language skills
Marine/Mountain/Golf Resort Internship
Preparing to obtain relevant qualifications

F&B professionals

Real field experience training

Food/Beverage related certification preparation class

Intensive training through F&B Academy

Faculty Members

Name Degree Major
Jung-Hwa Hong Ph.D. International Hotel, Consumer Behavior, Management Strategy
Chul-Jin Lee Ph.D. in Tourism Tourist Behavior, Hotel Management, Tourism Marketing
Jung-Nam Moon Ph.D. in Tourism Hotel Management
Jung-Bae Choi Ph.D.  Hotel Management