DESIS(Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) Network는 디자인을 통한 사회적 혁신과 지속가능성을 추구하는 세계 유수 디자인 대학들의 소통과 교류의 장이다. 2019년 설립된 DSU-DESIS Lab은 지역기반 협업을 통한 디자인 제안과 실천으로 공동체의 변화를 추구한다. 이를 위해 우리가 속한 지역의 문제를 발견하고 공동체의 참여를 유도하여 해결방안을 제시함으로써 사회의 작은 변화를 만드는 체인지 메이커로의 역할을 모색하고 있다. 또한, 동서대학교 디자인대학의 비전 ‘창의적 디자인으로 세상에 헌신하는 글로벌 인재양성’을 세계와 공유한다.

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DESIS (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) Network is a venue of communication, interaction and exchange of insights with the top design schools around the world for the distinct purpose of social innovation and sustainability. Established in 2019, DSU-DESIS Lab seeks the change of communities by design proposal and practice through the collaboration with the local communities. It also endeavors to find a way to play a role of changemakers, which can make small differences in the society by finding out the issues and problems therein, and encouraging the community to participate in the solution-finding process.

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[2021 Spring Design Conference] Sustainable Design for Social Innovation

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아미연 2021-05-24 11:42

2021 Spring Design Conference
Asia Design Center for Future · Graduate School of Dongseo University

□ Date : June 7 - 11, 2021

□ Subject : ‘Sustainable Design for Social Innovation

□ About : DSU-DESIS Lab

# Community # Sustainability # Social Innovation

At the 2021 Spring Conference, the Regional Culture Lab of the Asia Design Center for Future (ADCF) will lead the publication of research results, including cases where residents and the industry-research-academia body solved social problems in Busan together. After the keynote speech by Ezio Manzini, founder of the DESIS Network, representatives from eight Asia DESIS labs will discuss social innovation design for sustainability, seeking accountability and opportunities for designers.

Furthermore, the conference will provide a venue for in-depth discussions through graduate students’ open critique and special interest group research society presentations so that participants can share their research outcomes and grow together.