Dept. of Food and Nutrition

Department of Food science and nutrition

Food and nutrition encompass a comprehensive field of life science dedicated to academically studying eating habits, directly influencing human physical growth and development. Within this department, we impart knowledge and conduct research on the latest scientific theories, research methods, and applied knowledge in the realm of food science and nutrition. Our aim is to enable individuals to enjoy a healthy life by fostering sensible eating habits that yield positive effects after consumption.

As living standards rise and life expectancy increases, there is a growing interest in health, leading to diverse dietary needs. Factors such as the aging population, women entering the workforce, and the rise of single-person households are influencing our eating habits. Consequently, the role of food and nutrition majors is expected to play an increasingly significant part in maintaining a balanced diet and promoting a healthy lifestyle for modern individuals in the future.

Educational Purpose

Cultivating talents who can serve humanity with excellent knowledge of food and nutrition based on the spirit of Christianity


Major Goals

Cultivating leaders who can actively contribute to nutrition and health promotion through in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition. Our graduates pursue careers as nutritionists, community health counseling nutritionists, teaching staff, and researchers at food or nutrition research institutes, among others.

Through extensive research on the relationship between the human body and food, we aim to provide balanced meals that enhance the health of individuals in various settings such as industries, hospitals, and schools. Our focus is on training high-quality professionals dedicated to systematic nutritional management.

We are committed to cultivating experts with advanced knowledge in nutrition and related technologies, empowering them to oversee the management and distribution process of food and functional foods.