Dept. of Tourism Management EC

Evert Moment, Every Career

Every moment becomes a career.

Tourism policymaker, tourism service planner, digital tourism marketer, entrepreneur, travel industry worker, convention planner... We train experts related to tourism conventions. We will work together to help you grow into differentiated capabilities through everything you experience over the next four years.

Department introduction

Located in Haeundae Centum Industrial Complex and adjacent to major tourism companies, including BEXCO and Busan Tourism Organization (BTO), we boast an optimal location and learning environment for nurturing global tourism talent. With a focus on cultivating the expertise required for the tourism industry, leading the digital transformation, we introduce cutting-edge curriculum and overseas advanced learning techniques in the tourism field. Our education is customized to provide practical insights into the workings of tourism companies such as hotels, travel agencies, airlines, and PCOs. The school is equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory featuring the latest equipment, aiming to cultivate prepared tourism professionals ready for immediate fieldwork.

Through the establishment of an industry-academia-government cooperation system with the industry and related public enterprises, along with the operation of non-curriculum courses for the development of tourism in the local community, we are committed to strengthening external competitiveness. Additionally, we provide a foundation for career development, including guidance on employment and entrepreneurship for students

Department goals

Nurturing competitive global professional talent through future-oriented education programs that reflect new trends in the tourism industry, including digital transformation and changes in tourism demand.

Cultivating passionate talent with core competencies such as creativity, innovation, expertise, and international awareness.

Developing convergence education centered on student and industry needs to produce creative multi-players.

Department Talent Award

Global creative talent who embodies the only one values

(I) tenacity (C) creative competency (E)Professional competency (G)Global competency

Future convergence

(I) (C) (E)

Ability to enhance the quality of tourism experiences and develop new business models by integrating tourism with other industries.

advertisement marketing

(C) (E) (G)

Ability to manage the brand and formulate an integrated marketing communication strategy to establish the destination as a desirable experience.

planning ability

(C) (E) (G)

Ability to analyze the current situation, set goals and directions, allocate resources, create action plans, and establish monitoring plans.

business management

(I) (E) (G)

Ability to conduct financial management, including human resource management, organizational management, accounting management, and financing necessary for tourism business management.


(I) (G)

Ability to eloquently explain and persuade overseas tourists about the appeal of a tourist destination and provide updates on business progress in the local language.