Experience a world without limit in the Graduate School of Ubiquitous IT!

Rapid developments in computing fields and IT, along with ready access to broadband and high-speed communication services, have made Ubiquitous IT a key component of our information-oriented society. This new paradigm for digital interaction creates countless possibilities for innovation and development.

The prevalence of Ubiquitous IT will increase in years to come and so too will the demand for personnel able to create Internet application services, multimedia contents, games and animations. Other necessary skills will involve installing and maintaining various types of networks.

The Graduate School of Ubiquitous IT at Dongseo University is focused on IT technology including software, hardware and application fields. Our graduate school emphasizes not only theory but also field experience so students can acquire the knowledge and skills they need to work in industry or academia.

Please explore our program to see whether the Graduate School of Ubiquitous IT can help you achieve your goals.