Digital Media Design permeates many aspects of our everyday lives, even if we may not actually be aware of it. Nearly every product around us has been involved in some element of design development at some point, as it is used in developing animations for computer games or movies, the creation of a logo or website, design plans for a new building, vehicle or product, as well as the editing and manipulation of videos and photographs. Anything that involves the use of web design, digital imaging or 3D modelling relies on qualified Digital Media Designer.

To meet the growing need to educate such experts, we are proud to announce the Digital Media Design major at Dongseo University’s International College. With up to 1000 Design students admitted annually, Design has always been a flagship department at Dongseo University serving and educating Korean and international students since its early foundation within a broad range of design disciplines. New students at the International College will benefit from Dongseo University’s comprehensive design capability and expertise.

As more people take improvements in technology and innovations for granted, Digital Media Design is becoming an increasingly important area. Many designers now require multi-faceted skills to be able to make use of a range of software solutions that can develop, enhance and create the most innovative digital solutions. The global dominance of the internet and the rise of smartphones and tablets has also placed increased pressure on optimizing Digital Media Design services to ensure companies are presenting and communicating about themselves in the most effective way.

With the explosion in the number and variety of devices, the amount of digital content, as well as the expansion of online time, Digital Media Design is more needed than ever. Korea leads this digital development as we truly are on the verge of the next digital era. If you want to be part of building this exciting future join us at Dongseo University’s International College.