Career Track

Students in the major can receive the following four Tracks upon completion of the given curriculum. In addition, we recommend that students explore various MDs from other interdisciplinary programs and acquire one or more additional ones.

blt01.gif Korean Communication Career Tracks

The purpose of this program is to develop proficiency in Korean language communication across all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The program includes courses on Korean culture and business Korean, taking into account various Korean language usage environments and genres such as pronunciation, grammar, rhetoric, and composition. Through this program, students will gain knowledge and skills in Korean language communication to achieve their goals.

MD Composition
Organized Courses Extracurricular Programs
Korean Pronunciation Practice
Understanding Korean Sentence Structures
Korean Text Reading
Understanding Korean Grammar
Korean Spelling and Correction in Practice
Certification Lecture (1) TOPIK

blt01.gif Korean creative contents Track

Through various texts, this intensive course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of humanities knowledge about Korean society, including culture, politics, economy, history, and literature. The purpose of this course is to enhance students' capacity for Korean cultural content as local experts, allowing them to assume their roles effectively.

MD Composition
Organized Courses Extracurricular Programs

Reading Korean Culture

Korean Idiomatic Expressions

Korean Society Through Media

Korean History and Cultural Heritage

Appreciation of Representative Korean Literature

Academic Forum

blt01.gif Business literacy Track

This intensive course aims to enhance efficient communication skills in a business environment and cultivate business literacy. Through this program, students will be able to apply the acquired knowledge of business theories and business Korean language skills to practical situations immediately.

MD Composition
Organized Courses Extracurricular Programs

Understanding of Economics

Understanding of Management

Business Korean 1

Business Korean 2

Business Presentation

Special Lecture on Computer Applications for Certifications (2)

blt01.gif Business Manager Track

A concentrated program that cultivates foreign talents who can proactively adapt to the global business environment. Through this program, in-depth understanding of advanced theoretical knowledge in business majors and specialized education that focuses on specific areas will be provided to enhance business vocational and practical skills, aimed at developing professionals who can navigate the ever-changing landscape of global business.

MD Composition
Organized Courses Extracurricular Programs

Understanding Accounting

International Management

Principles of Marketing

Consumer Behavior

Case Analysis in Business

Guest lecture by industry experts