We welcome you to the International College Game Development Major at Dongseo University. Our major is equipped with the best facilities and faculties.

Currently Game is breaking away from existing fun-oriented technology development. Instead, it requires convergence with various industries, smart software technology development as well as intelligence network & XR core technology development. At the center of this change of Game industry, there is the Game Development Major at DSU.

We hope you will grow to become a core leader representing the smart era with our division and we expect to see the next Richard Garriott at DSU.

Thank you.

Prof. Jintaek Seo
Head, Department of Game Development, International College.


The International College Game Development Major focuses on training talented individuals who can lead the high demand game industry. Students learn how to produce their own games to prepare for professional employment in the game industry.

This major also runs in association with double major, dual degree, or joint education programs with its international partner universities..
Vision: Produce game development specialists
GOALS Game Designer Client programmer Server programmer
Produce specialists in designing games by combining gameplay elements Produce specialists in developing client games with the latest computer graphics, AI, and XR technologies Produce specialists in developing game servers with database, cloud, and multi-threaded server technologies
- Game Design
- Game System Design
- Game Level Design
- Basic Modeling & Texturing
- Sound Studio
- Game Programming
- Data Structure and Algorithms
- 2D Game Programming
- Game Mathematics
- 3D Game Programming
- Artificial Intelligence
- Basic Programming
- Advanced Programming
- Game Tool Programming
- Programming Method
- Databases
- Computer Network
- Game Server Programming