blt01.gif Director:Professor Kim, Soojung (PhD., Hospitality Management)

blt01.gif About this Research Lab

 • Support students practical experience through industry collaboration project

 Students have a unique opportunity to enhance their comprehension of service innovation by engaging in collaborative projects that bridge the gap between academia and industry. These projects often revolve around sectors such as tourism, hospitality, events, and other industries where services play a pivotal role in the product delivery process. By collaborating with relevant businesses, students gain valuable insights and hands-on experience that augment their theoretical foundations.

  1. • Nurtures research competency for the future academic career:

 The Service Innovation Lab is a dedicated platform aimed at nurturing and honing the research skills and capabilities of students, with the ultimate goal of equipping them for a prosperous academic career in the future. This specialized lab is committed to empowering individuals to excel in the art of conducting research within the dynamic and multifaceted realm of the service industry.

  1. • Enhances community empowerment and solves local problems.

 Service Innovation research lab address specific challenges faced by the local community, such as equity to access service infrastructures This might involve improvements in healthcare services, public transportation, recreational facilities, or cultural offerings. Research can lead to practical solutions that directly benefit communities. As a result, communities can be empowered by providing them with information and strategies to advocate for better services, influence policies, and make informed decisions about their interactions with service providers.

blt01.gif Research Interests

Service industry and local communities, Service industry and sustainable development, Tourism and hospitality management,

blt01.gif Initiatives

Real-world collaborative project, Domestic and International Conferences, Paper publication, Book chapter publication

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