Micro Degree (MD)

Cloud Solution Architecture Micro Degree

What Is a Cloud Solution Architecture Micro Degree?

Contrary to classical degrees that touch on broad areas of knowledge in a specific field, a Micro degree (MD) intensely focuses on a single, professionally applicable subject. Cloud Solution Architecture program is designed for technology professionals who architect the technology solutions that support the changing requirements due to the adoption of cloud computing and help organizations leverage the opportunities the cloud is creating. The Cloud Solution Architecture program aims for the students to achieve critical skills for implementing cloud initiatives.

blt01.gif What students will learn:

  • Understanding of cloud architecture includes using compute, networking, storage, and database services as well as cloud deployment and management services
  • Ability to design and implement a cloud solution architecture
  • Understanding of deploying, managing, and operating workloads on the cloud, as well as implementing security controls and compliance requirements
  • Understanding of Migrating and transitioning to a Cloud environment

blt01.gif Track Requirements

Course Requirements Extracurricular Activities
Software Design Cloud Architect Mastery Series
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Application
Advanced Server Programming