This academic program for international students focuses on Korean language, culture and business. It follows a curriculum that develops the practical skills needed for working in Korea or with Korean companies abroad.

The major incorporates a track from DSU’s Department of East Asian Studies. The track’s primary emphasis is on Korean language and culture, with introductory-level language courses included on Chinese and Japanese. Successful applicants are admitted to this department and complete its required coursework. Students additionally complete fundamental courses in business and other courses of their own choosing.

As a result of the major’s interdisciplinary nature, graduates are awarded two bachelor degrees: Bachelor of Korean Language and Business and Bachelor of East Asian Studies. Students will be equipped with broad knowledge of Korean language, culture and business, which will provide them with good job opportunities in Korea or at overseas Korean companies, especially in Asia.

Based on the high level of proficiency in the three languages ​​and deepened knowledge of the humanities, we will cultivate the 'East Asian Humanities Leader' who analyzes and resolves East Asian regional issues from the viewpoint of humanities.