What is Global Strategic Marketing Micro degree?

Strategic marketing is one of the best business strategies that a company can leverage to provide value and better service to the customers, thereby differentiating itself from its competition by highlighting its advantages. The goal of the Strategic Marketing Micro degree is to cultivate students become a strategic marketer, so that they are able to think strategically about current marketing issues and understand how to create and execute marketing plans that will build strong and sustainable business.

blt01.gif What students will learn:

  • • Understand current marketing trend
  • • Learn how to think creatively and practically, which is important for communicating a strong marketing message
  • • Learn how to create, implement, and evaluate strategic marketing plans to achieve a competitive advantage
  • • Learn critical marketing skills that can help you lead as a strategic marketer

blt01.gif Micro Degree Requirements

Course Requirements Extracurricular Activities
Principles of Marketing  Research group activity, Field studies
Marketing Communication
Marketing Research
Consumer Behavior