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Hyper-Connected Community Labs

On the 6floor of the New Millennium Building, a learning ecosystem in the form of each production pipeline had been established. (Pre-Production Step, Production Step, Post-Production Step, Mobile Step)

HCL Lab : Pre-production step (NM601)

In animation and filmmaking process, pre-production step is essential to step before production begins. This pre-production lab is concerned with creating stories, synopsis, scenario, schedule, budget, location scouting, scene breakdown, shot list, etc. Finally, creating storyboard and animatics to prepare for the next step(shooting and animation production), students need to be creative and think in a variety of ways on creating stories. As a result, with those skills and knowledge, students can prepare for becoming a filmmaker, director, writer and/or a previsualization artist.

● Method of operation : Extracurricular program. Students can participate and work on creating stories and animatics after class. Need to talk with Prof. Sunghoon Cho for participation.

     - Professor : Hong-Sik Pak / Sunghoon Cho / Thomas Humpal
     - Research Areas : Film and Animation Story development, Scene breakdown, Storyboard, Animatics, Camera working, etc.
     - Student Leader : N/A
     - Join study group :
● Research Areas : Story development, Producing, Film and Animation
Lab Activities Study Details
   - Brain storming
   - Discuss and texting
   - Develop and visualizing
   - Qualitative Research and prepare Pre-production
   - Screenwriting
   - How to convert the text to image
   - Motion Picture Language
   - Producing and control know-how

HCL Lab- Production step (NM606)

Main production step is the process of making the video where we start to create character modeling, rigging and animation based on the story. The goal is to help students to create modeling, rig characters and animate without any limitation. Focuses on cultivating students to be futuristic content professionals in main-production part, especially, dealing with character animation, through studying motion capture, stop motion, virtual studio, modeling, 3D printing, 3D scanner. Students achieve advanced knowledge provided to be ahead of the prospective industry.
Method of operation : Extracurricular program. Students can participate and work on setting up characters after class. Need to talk with Prof. Balgum Song for participation.
    - Professor : Balgum Song / Qu-Lin
    - Research Areas : Modeling, Rigging, Cloth, Hair, Fur simulation, Animation, Motion Capture
    - Student Leader : Luo Rong
    - Email :
● Research Areas : Modeling, Texture, Animation, Motion Capture
Lab Activities Study Details
   - Developing high quality shapes applying Z-brush
   - Modeling and Texture refinement
   - Question and Answer discussion
   - Creating Character modeling (Human, Creature and Cloth)
   - Background modeling (House, Interior, Exterior and Props)
● Research Areas : Rigging, Cloth, Hair, Fur simulation
Lab Activities Study Details
- Problem Solving based on character setup
- Consult students about Career, Goal and Industries
- Qualitative Research (Python, Simulation)
- Character Rigging (Human, Quadruped, Vehicles)
- Facial Rigging
- Simulation (Cloth, Hair and Fur)
- Learning new technologies

HCL Lab- Post Production step (NM607)

Post-production is the final step on producing film and animation. This includes editing footage, adding sounds and voice, color correction, masking, rotoscoping and matte painting to increase the quality of the film. Also deals with lighting and special effects for final composition. This lab focus on the final production stage to enable students to be a VFX artists or a post-production professionals. We also notice the importance of New Media (Media Facade, VR Contents), and we will also introduce and learn relevant parts in this lab.

● Method of operation : Extracurricular program. Students can participate and work on post-production areas after class. Need to talk with Professors for participation.
    - Professor : Yoon-Jeong Han / Chae Hong Lim / Ji, Yun / Jiyeon Choi
    - Research Areas : VFX, Lighting, Compositing, Editing and Effects, New Media, VR Contents
    - Student Leader : Luo Rong
    - Email :

● Research Areas : Lighting, Rendering, VFX, Compositing
Lab Activities Study Details
   - Problem Solving based on 2D Composite, VFX, 3D Light& Rendering
   - Problem Solving based on NewMedia(VR,Media façade,etc)
   - Consult students about Career, Goal and Industries
   - Post-production planning and filming
   - Personal Works and Contest Works
   - Producing New Media Contents