UndergraduateUndergraduate Programs in International College

Undergraduate Programs in International College


Dongseo’s International College offers English-based education in the fields of Global Business Administration, Korean Language and Business, Computer Science, Game Development, Animation, Film and Visua Effects and Digital Design, and Liberal Education with Korean and English Language & Culture Programs. International students who are not proficient in Korean can thus increase their global potential by earning an undergraduate degree abroad at DSU in one of the university's specialized fields. The curricula of International College are designed to prepare international graduates for entering today’s competitive global environment.


The dedicated faculty and staff of International College help international students in many ways, such as in adjusting comfortably to life on campus, excelling academically, setting definite goals and planning to achieve them. International College also serves as the central coordinator and promoter of diverse extracurricular activities that enrich international students’ socialization with Korean students at Dongseo University.


In addition to degree programs, International College offers a credit program that enables students to earn transferable academic credits by taking courses taught in International College, plus intensive Korean or English language courses.



Why Choose international College at Dongseo University?

Professional and friendly college for international students

International College’s kind and highly capable staff help international students adjust to campus life in Korea and succeed in their studies.


Advisory system

International College assigns each student a dedicated academic advisor who is experienced at working with international students.


Hands-on field-study and internship programs

International College offers lots of extracurricular programs and chances for students to develop hands-on experience in high-tech classrooms along with studios, hyper-connected research labs, research centers, and major-related companies.


Business start-up program

International College provides start-up courses and support programs for international students wishing to set up a small business or become self-employed.


Self-designed specialization

International College’s faculty help students select their own specialized academic path by choosing among a wide range of elective courses matching their personal and professional goals.


Project-based learning

International College cultivates essential skills required for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through a unique project-based learning approach.


Liberal education program: courses on Korean language, culture, and society

International College offers courses on Korean language, culture and society for international students to gain the proficiency and understanding needed for major-related jobs in Korea.