The International College Business Administration major focuses on nurturing next generation business experts for digitalized business environment. The major offers core competitiveness to undergraduate students: Business Analytics, marketing and Finance with multi language courses.

Today, business environment is dramatically changed and driven by technology. In most of all traditional business administration areas such as Marketing, Human Resource and Finance, data analytics based decision making becomes mandatory. In that, the major offers data analysis based curriculum to nurture next generation business experts who can adapt their analytic techniques to business. Through the curriculum, students would have diverse job opportunities such as data scientist, analytic marketer, financial data analysist, and others. Additionally, the major has research societies that dedicated advisory professors run for extra studies and research projects.

Dongseo University also has numbers of exchange programs with universities the U.S., China, Japan, Vietnam and other countries, and global companies those offers diverse experiences for globalization. Students would be nurtured to next generation global business experts under fulltime English lecture education environment and diverse programs with multinational students.