Thank you for your interest in Animation and VFX at Dongseo University.

As the technology and industry develop, Animation and VFX major is thriving as an attractive medium. With the visual attraction and creative storytelling, Animation and VFX major is suitable to converge into various fields. We welcome students to reveal their abilities and support them to be the talented individuals. Students will plan, design, and produce their own animation and VFX projects to express their creative and original thoughts to the 3D society.

International College Animation and VFX major operates the Joint-Degree programs with Korea-China School of New MediaChina), Mykolas Romeris University(Lithuania), Petra Christian University(Indonesia) and exchange programs with many other countries. We welcome internationals who is willing to learn and develop their career in Animation and VFX fields.

Dongseo University also provides the micro degree program. The curriculum is flexible and can be customized & designed as a 1 or 2-year intensive course to experience animation and VFX. Students design their own academic tracks by selecting various courses focused on a specific educational, artistic, or career goal.

The ANIMATION & VFX major and the International College welcome you and encourages you to take your first steps toward your bright future!

Thank you.

Hongsik Pak
Head of the International College Animation and VFX