Dongseo University is one of Korea's leading schools specialized in Film & VFX.
The systematic training offered in the Film & VFX major, International College fosters talented artists able to express their creative visions through technical craftsmanship.
Film & VFX are at the heart of a high-value industry that includes film, TV, music videos and advertising. Our department creates specialists who work as director, producer, cinematographer, editor and writer within this broad range of fields.
In 2020, the Film & VFX major relocated to DSU's International College. The state-of-the art facilities serve as a venue for outstanding productions and offer students direct experience working with the best equipment and environment in the industry.
The Film & VFX major and the International College welcomes you and encourages to take your first steps toward your bright future!

Hongsik Pak
Head, Film & VFX, International College