Directing Track

MD Overview: The purpose of the MD program is to cultivate the ability to lead the overall direction and theme of a film consistently and to enable actors and staff in their respective fields to perform actual film production. The ultimate goal of the program is to become a director or screenwriter.

MD Objectives:

  • Performance Criteria: Analyze the personalities of characters based on the scenario and create appropriate visual expressions for the intended direction, taking into account the abilities and characteristics of the staff in each department.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge of how to turn ideas into text, how to visualize text, and knowledge of the scope of work for staff in each field.
  • Skills: The ability to analyze scenarios and characters, present one's own ideas, utilize actors' strengths, and negotiate and persuade.
  • Attitude: A creative attitude, leadership that embraces swift judgment and staff, and a diligent and patient attitude.

blt01.gif Track Requirements

Course Requirements Extracurricular Activities
Directing Digital Arts Show
Screenwriting: the Short Film
Advanced Screenwriting
Advanced Editing
Filmmaking Workshop 2