Course Guides

There are three types of game developers that are directly related to development. Each type is also available for detailed classification, but if you are not an experienced person, you will most likely be involved in game development by choosing one from three.

Game Client Developer

We mainly focus on client 3d game developers. In 3rd year, students learn 3d graphics knowledge and various design patterns used in commercial games and start to develop games with a game engine. In 4th year, students are doing graduation projects and prepare stuff for a portfolio.

Game Server Developer

To develop your career as a server programmer, you need to learn subjects like Databases, Game Server Programming and Computer Network in 3rd year. Then students participate as a server programmer for a graduation project.

Game Designer

To be a game designer, students can participate as a game designer for a graduation project. There are game design courses in 2nd year, and from 3rd year, you can develop game designer career path through Game System Design classes.