FINEST means “Filmmakers Never Stop”. Filmmakers burn their passion for creativity with the spirit of never giving up. This research lab is made up of graduate students studying film, where professors and students learn, experience, and develop as they create works together. It is a research lab where you learn the attitude, skills, and knowledge of filmmakers.


-Discover and guide students' research thesis.

-In order to plan the student's work, we discuss and create a story, check pre-production, production, and post-production, and create, complete the project together.

-Experience and learn the detail steps of filmmaking process with a professor.

Location: NM607

Lead Researcher: Prof. Sunghoon Cho

Co-Researchers: Prof. Guhee Yoon, Prof. Thomas Humpal. Graduate Students Shi Siwen, Yang Wanye, Clement Fedou

Contact: Prof. Sunghoon Cho@ NM Building Office #611,

Email: mattcho@gdsu.dongseo.ac.kr